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Table of Contents



Why do I even need content?

Algorithms take searches (words) and try to find what the reader is looking for. If Google visits your empty site, it's like walking into an abandoned shop.

Words — blogging, long sales pages, etc — are what help algorithms figure out what your site is about. Like avocados, freshness is important. 🥑 



I keep hearing about backlinks, what are they?

Backlinks are simply links (the words or images) we click to get to another page, except these ones take us from somewhere else on the web to one of your pages on your site. Since you're legit awesome, people want to share your site and Google takes note. 👀


What are keywords and why do I need to research them?

Keywords 🔑 are the words or phrases people search for to find something to buy, get information, or find a site. Research helps you find how often a keyword is searched for and how many sites are trying to rank for it which will help you plan content.



Who sees the meta title?

Everyone! The meta title is the unique and short (60 character max) header that shows up in search results, on browser tabs, and in social sharing website placeholders.

Well-written titles can get more clicks🧲; even better than links above them. This is a must for any website.



How does Google improve it's algorithm?

Google updates it's service and a couple times a year makes big changes to the how the search engine rates pages. Like refining a recipe each time you make it, Google is always trying to serve the best search results possible.

The big changes sometimes means site owners should adjust their sites to make sure they continue to rank.




This article was updated on 06/14/2021